UMSurabaya representative Invited as a Speaker at National University of Management Cambodia

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In a testament to academic collaboration and knowledge sharing, Executive secretary of International Office and Partnership of UMSurabaya, Idda Astia, S.Hum., M.Pd., was invited as a guest speaker to lead a workshop at National University of Management, on 15th August 2023, at Conference Hall A, NUM Campus. The workshop focused on “the analysis of emojis utilized in two different groups: cyberpragmatics perspectives." This event captivated an international audience of students, faculty, and researchers with their deep insights and engaging presentations.

During the workshop, Idda Astia shared cutting-edge research findings and real-world case studies, illustrating how the principles of cyberpragmatics are applied in practical scenarios. Attendees were inspired by the integration of theoretical knowledge with tangible applications, fostering a better understanding of how emojis are utilized in two different chat groups using cyber pragmatics perspective.

The interactive nature of the workshop allowed participants to engage in discussions, ask questions, and delve deeper into the intricacies of cyber pragmatics. The speaker encouraged open dialogue, fostering a collaborative learning environment that transcended borders and disciplines.

"National University of Management takes immense pride in our faculty's contributions to the international academic landscape. Ms. Idda Astia's presence at NUM College further solidifies our commitment to knowledge dissemination and we are also hoping to work with UMSurabaya again in the future" commented SUY Makara, Deputy Director of NUM.