Muhammadiyah University of Surabaya Welcomes Visiting Professor and Signs MoU with Sofia University, Bulgaria

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Visiting professors is an academic event held by many universities. Bringing in professors from various countries and universities, the visiting professor aims to present a variety of exciting material and present it to students, lecturers, and professionals. It also aims to offer various academic programs and establish cooperation with partner universities.

UMSurabaya is very grateful for having the opportunity to hold a Visiting Professor again. The guest speaker this time was the Vice Rector of Sofia University, Bulgaria, Prof. Maria Stoicheva.

This event was held on August 18th 2023, at Auditorium 13 floor UMSurabaya, with an exciting topic “Emerging trends in higher education between EU and Indonesia”. All the lecturers and students attended the event. Not only that, Prof. Maria also conducted collaborative discussions with all deans of UMSurabaya.

Vice-Rector 1, UMSurabaya, Dr. M. Ridlwan, M.Pd, said “this event was an important step in strengthening cooperative relations between our educational institutions and foreign institutions, as well as being a milestone in advancing the world of education and research. Cross-border cooperation is not only about exchanging knowledge and technology, but also about exchanging cultures, ideas, and views”. He also added that we are committed to creating collaboration opportunities that will positively impact both students, lecturers, and researchers.

In addition, Prof. Maria admitted that she opened a wide door for UMSurabaya to conduct collaborative activities in the future.

The event ran smoothly, and the participants were interested in the topic presented by Prof. Maria, so they asked several interesting questions to deepen the information regarding the topic.