International Colloquium on ELT and Sustainability 2023 Unveils Expert Speakers for Two-Day Event (Day 2)

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The much-anticipated International Colloquium on English Language Teaching (ELT) and Sustainability 2023 has commenced, offering a comprehensive dive into the realms of eco-ELT, ecolinguistics, and ecocriticism. Over the course of the two-day event, participants will have the privilege of engaging with distinguished speakers hailing from both national and international universities. This dynamic exchange aims to transcend theoretical frameworks, bringing research to practice for environmental sustainability in language education. The colloquium promises to be a catalyst for innovative approaches, fostering a new era of eco-conscious pedagogy.

Activities on the second day were presented by several speakers with different topics. The first topic entitled "The SDGs and Cooperative Learning: A Match of the Spirit", Dr. George M. Jacobs (James Cook University, Singapore), Steven Lim, MSED (Mekai University, Japan), Jesse Reidak, MSED (Kyoto Seibo Gakuin Elementary School, Japan).

The second topic entitled "ELT and Ecological Sustainability: Reawakening and Celebrating the Soul Within" was presented by Dr. Chau Meng Huat (University Malaya, Malaysia).

The third topic entitled "Eco Vocabulary in Teaching Descriptive Paragraph Writing" was presented by Sofi Yunianti, SS., M.Pd. (Muhammadiyah University Surabaya, Indonesia)

The fourth topic was entitled "Strategies in Enhancing Eco-Linguistics Awareness for Effective Propagation of Environmental Activism and Embrace of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" presented by Dr. Norkhairi Ahmad (University Kuala Lumpur Malaysia France Institute (UniKL MFI).

The diverse lineup promises a rich exchange of ideas and experiences, making this colloquium a must-attend for those passionate about the intersection of language teaching and environmental consciousness.